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Winter 2017/2018: The Forbes M&A Group Newsletter

The Forbes M&A Group recently released its Winter newsletter for business owners looking to learn more about merger and acquisition transactions. This 8-page newsletter includes valuable information for executives wanting to learn more about selling a company, growing through acquisitions or buying a company. The original articles, written by our own team of experienced M&A executives and entrepreneurs, include:

PDFtoJPG.me-1 (1).jpgThe Unsolicited Offer for Your Business

Every business owner is battered by letters or calls asking about the sale of his or her business. Here are a few words of advice for business owners.  

Slowing Stepping Away 

When it comes time to sell a company, making your business transferrable can improve valuation. Take these steps to reduce buyer perceived risk. 

Minority Recap – A Growing Option in Today’s Market

Finding a financial partner to consider purchasing a minority stake used to be difficult, but not anymore. 

Leverage Synergies with Acquisitions

A strategic acquisition can result in synergies that offer real value for both the acquired and the acquiring. 

Solving a Business Problem Through Acquisitions

There are a variety of situations in which mergers and acquisitions have proven useful as a growth strategy. 

Plus stories from the trenches and more.