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Are You Ready?

Many business owners are surprised to learn preparations for an exit strategy often begins 3 to 5 years before a sale.

Check your sale readiness by answering these 13 simple questions.

My top five customers make up…

1 out of 13

If I went on a three-month vacation without access to phone or email, my business would …

2 out of 13

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Which statement is most true concerning your company financials?

3 out of 13

How would you describe your company's growth plan? 

4 out of 13


How confident are you in the market value of your company?

5 out of 13

What is your sales trend in the last 3 years? 

6 out of 13

How do you feel about running your company today? 

7 out of 13

due diligence quiz 7-1

Do you know what a buyer requires from a seller during due diligence?

8 out of 13

bring to market quiz 8

How much is you company affected by a downturn in the economy?

9 out of 13

Are there qualified buyers for your business who have the money and are currently in acquisition mode? 

10 out of 13

How would you describe the quality of your revenue?

11 out of 13

Do you have a plan in place for exiting the company?

12 out of 13

How ready are the business operations for a possible sale? (Select the most true statement)

13 out of 13

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