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Forbes Mergers and Acquisitions Overhauls Branding to Reflect Growth, Showcase Attributes

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO June 3, 2015 – Forbes Mergers and Acquisitions (www.forbesma.com), a leading M&A transaction advisory firm, today announced that it has completed a major rebranding initiative that includes the creation of a new company name, “The Forbes M+A Group,” a new tagline, “EVERY DETAIL COUNTS,” a redesign of the firm’s website and other collateral, and an entirely new design and build-out of significantly larger corporate offices.

In conjunction with the company’s 10th anniversary, Forbes elected to assess clients’ and partners’ perception of its brand and to move it forward in a way that celebrates the company’s success and heritage.

Bob Forbes, the firm’s founder and president, explained: “We wanted to signal to the outside world the transformational growth and success that is underway here, and at the same time signal our pride in the hallmarks that make us so special. That effort starts with recognizing the tremendous senior talent we have here, as well as the unique team approach we take to our work.”

Mergers and acquisitions transactions have grown in number, scale and complexity. These trends have heightened demand for senior advisors’ attention and for more-thorough execution. In recent years the Forbes M+A Group has attracted top transaction professionals and brought them into a highly collaborative work environment with team-driven processes. This has resulted in many transaction successes, which in turn has led to widespread recognition and numerous awards. The addition of the word group to the new brand name draws attention to the high level of involvement that multiple senior advisors brings to each transaction.

The new brand identity also reflects the commitment and passion the company brings to every engagement. David Roth, a partner with the Denver-based brand staging firm Get Stirred Up, who led the rebranding initiative, added: “We spoke to past and present customers, private equity groups, attorneys, CPAs and other trusted advisors. What we heard over and over was that these guys engaged at a much deeper level than their competitors, and worked much harder to get deals across the finish line. They were clearly different, and we wanted to reflect that in the new tagline, which uses a unique typographic treatment that reinforces two interdependent concepts: Every detail counts and every deal counts.”

The homepage of the company’s new website, www.forbesma.com, provides examples that illustrate the ways preoccupation with detail influences every deal.

The Forbes M+A Group’s updated brand assets extend beyond its new corporate identity and redesigned website and collateral. They also are brought to life in the firm’s new headquarters. All the decisions that were made regarding layout, use of color, selection of furnishings and fixtures, and overall organization of the space reflect the firm’s culture and new brand, including its updated color palette, preoccupation with details, and emphasis on team-oriented operations.

Bob Forbes added: “We’ve been delighted by the tremendous engagement and excitement generated in the market as we prepared for this launch of a new ‘Forbes’, and the opportunity it affords us to remind our clients, partners and team of the value and impact of our work.”

About The Forbes M+A Group
The Forbes M+A Group is an award-winning Denver, CO-based mergers and acquisitions advisory firm. The firm serves buyers or sellers in middle-market M&A transactions. It applies meticulous attention to detail in helping business owners develop and execute M&A strategy, acquire companies and partner with investor groups for growth, and maximize value in an eventual exit. Senior advisors at The Forbes M+A Group have more than 150 years of combined experience in transactions across a wide variety of industries. For more information on the company, please visit: www.forbesma.com or phone 303-770-6017.

Media Contact: Lisa Holmes +1 (303) 770-6017, lisa@ForbesMA.com

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