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Digital Gaming Report – Fall 2020

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Consumer, Industry & Market Data Reports, Technology

The wild ride that has been the Great Gaming Boom of 2020 continued in Q3 and through the early part of Q4 (as of publishing) with drama, deals, and unprecedented consumer demand. The heavyweight bout between Apple and Epic rages on, while Unity blew away expectations with their IPO, and Microsoft got serious, acquiring ZeniMax (Bethesda). Consumers are scrambling for the Next-Gen consoles and heading into Christmas, the supply / demand curve is horribly askew as PlayStation 5s are selling for over $1k (double retail) on the secondary market as retailers lack inventory and Sony’s production concerns from a few months ago appear to be coming to fruition. Buckle up as this ride is showing no signs of slowing down.” 

JJ Lane – Head of Digital Gaming Group

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