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M&A Capital Market Update Q4 2019

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Digital Gaming Report Winter 2020

“Digital gaming and esports is no longer a niche industry, but a rapidly growing and ever-evolving landscape that needs to be on the radar of every dealmaker and decision maker. We are proud to provide this Quarterly Update to educate and inform anyone that is seeking to learn more about the Digital Gaming universe, an area that we are passionate about here at Forbes M+A.” says Vice President and Head of the Digital Gaming Group, JJ Lane.

With over 1 billion active gamers worldwide and more than $150 billion in 2019 revenue, the Digital Gaming ecosystem is a force to be reckoned with and is only going to increase in popularity and mainstream appeal. Navigating this complex and diverse universe can be challenging, but with the Forbes M+A Digital Gaming Report, we synthesize the value drivers, key players, and industry trends that you need to know to get smart on this exciting industry.


JJ Lane, Vice President

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Software as a Service (“SaaS”) Value Driver Report

Understanding SaaS specific value drivers and how they impact valuation are key for companies to grasp as they begin to scale.  This report provides insights into the market’s voice and gives firsthand knowledge based on our own experiences and various industry studies.  Get a better idea of how valuation multiples are derived in the SaaS universe and where your company may fall within the valuation bell curve.

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M&A Capital Market Update Q3 2019

In 3Q19, overall Middle Market M&A activity increased, but total deal value declined.

3Q19 Middle Market M&A multiples remained elevated in the U.S. at 7.4x EV/EBITDA, as low borrowing costs allowed for larger deals to be completed. Read more

M&A and Capital Markets Update 2Q 2019

In 2Q 2019, overall middle market M&A activity continued at a slower clip compared to 2018’s record breaking pace.

Despite slightly depressed deal volume, Middle Market M&A multiples remained elevated in North America at 7.6x EV/EBITDA, as low costs allowed for larger deals to be completed.

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M&A and Capital Markets Update Summer 2019

In Q1 2019, U.S. equity markets rebounded, increasing almost 14% as fears that drove down markets in Q4 2018 and warned of a slowdown, were eased

The Federal Reserve held interest rates steady amid continued inflation rates below 2%. The European Central Bank (“ECB”) also announced a delay in rate hikes.

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M&A and Capital Markets Update Q4 2018

Despite a pullback in public markets at the end of Q4, M&A activity remained strong in 2018, finishing the year with the second-highest total deal value on record.

The average EV / EBITDA multiple across North America and Europe rose to 7.2x driven by increased competition and an abundance of undeployed capital.

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M&A and Capital Markets Update Q3 2018

Q3-18_Forbes-Market-Update-1Despite transaction volume slowing (still nearly 15,000 deals completed to date), M&A deal value continues to stay on pace with recent
years as Q3 marks the second consecutive quarter with over $800 billion in value for North America and Europe combined.

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M&A and Capital Markets Update Q2 2018


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2018: Another Robust Year for M&A

notizie-news3The M&A outlook for the rest of 2018 looks bright after yet another hot start in Q1. Deloitte recently published its annual M&A outlook report based on data collected from 1000+ corporate executives and private equity professionals. Respondents foresee an acceleration of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in 2018, both in the number of deals and the size of the transactions. Technology acquisition is the new No. 1 driver of M&A pursuits and dealmakers report using non-spreadsheet based M&A technology tools to help reduce conflicts, costs, and time.

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