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Catalyzing Innovation

In July, The Forbes M+A Group attended the TiE Rockies Catalyzing Innovation Series.  It was an informative presentation for business owners; particularly those who were seeking to expand their companies through acquisitions.  The keynote of the evening was Paul Riley, an entrepreneur who led a small company in the maturing printing industry from $17 million in sales to over $2 billion, growing almost exclusively through acquisitions.  Paul discussed how entrepreneurs can create value through buying right, how best to integrate firms and how to raise capital to support the growth plan. His approach, which we coach our clients through, suggests that growth through acquisition can be faster and less risky than organic growth which usually requires expensive sales and marketing efforts.

 The Forbes M+A Group encourages business owners to join in networks such as TiE, Vistage, TAB and others to gain insight to current business issues and strategies. We also hosts several events per year to educate and inform business owners on key M&A processes related to building company values, strategic acquisitions and exit strategies. We encourage you to attend our business owner conferences and learn from business owners, industry specialists and The Forbes M+A Group team.