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Upcoming Event: Two Bites at the Apple

Private equity is an exit alternative that has become increasingly popular over the past five years.  An enormous amount of excess capital is available, and these financial partners have been aggressively and creatively pursuing transactions in which to deploy it.

Private equity firms make investments in operating companies for three to seven years with capital they raise through institutions, businesses, and wealthy individuals.   In many cases, private equity firms buy a partial interest in a business in order to align interests and give the existing owners partial liquidity along with a piece of potential upside.   This can be an attractive option for an owner who is not yet  ready to sell a business, but may be ready to exit in the next three to seven years.

This breakfast program will provide a view of two stage transactions from the perspective of owners who have lived through it.  Topics covered will include:

  • What is like to give up control in a partial sale?
  • What value can a private equity group bring besides partial liquidity for an owner?
  • What can go wrong and how can an owner avoid these pitfalls?

Space is limited.  Please contact Sharleen at sharleen@ForbesMA.com to reserve a spot.