Lauri Nitz

Office Manager

Lauri Nitz
p: (303) 770-6017
c: (303) 974-7724

I enjoy working with business owners to help their companies grow and to maximize their value. When it is time for an exit, I help The Forbes M+A Group manage the details in order to meet the professional and personal goals of all parties.

Lauri supports a team of former entrepreneurs, CEO’s and corporate finance professionals who are passionate about finding the best deal for buyers and sellers of businesses in the mid-market range and deeply care about the goals of the owners. Lauri’s duties include assisting Mr. Forbes and senior members of the team by coordinating meetings and events; managing office operations, including HR, systems development and implementation, and financial processing; composing and editing of internal and marketing pieces; and compliance assistance.

Prior to joining The Forbes M+A Group, Lauri was a Managing Member of New Venture Management. New Venture Management was a collaboration between Lauri and Russ Pike, Esq. to maximize the success of small business ventures through proper entity formation, marketing strategy and implementation, and effective management. Together they guided new business owners to develop a solid foundation based upon their deepest personal vision of success and coached them how to start off right, stay on track or get back on track if necessary.

Lauri brings a broad business knowledge, including experience in Securities, Real Estate, Insurance and Marketing, to assist individual entrepreneurs and larger businesses.

RMS Cranes acquired by TNT
VisionTek acquired by Harris
Generation Hub acquired by PennWell
FirstChoice acquired by encompass
Burdick engineering acquisition
Summit Sports acquired by Digital Fuel
Brookside Acquisition
Watts Up acquired by ThinkTank
Eldorado successfully raises capital
TransmissionHub acquired by PennWell
TouchSource acquired by LK Capital
Wildridge Capital Management acquired by Culnaire acquired by Digital Fuel
New Tech Machinery acquired by Mazzella
Black Gold acquisition
Novus Biologicals acquired by Mainsail Partners
Nexus acquired by Gibraltar
Populus acquired by Clearesult
FlairHair and Concept One
Sigcom acquired by Access Logic
Illumen acquired by Jenner
Premier Landscape acquired by private investor
Orsi acquired by NV5
Restaurant Source acquired by Bargreen
Loveland urgent care acquired by Poudre
Gemini Investors acquire Colorado Components
EKS&H acquires InfoLink
Lane Supply acquired by Private Investor
Achiepelago acquired by Tectonic
eSoft acquired by J2Partners